Yenko Nova Deuce – The car that changed the course of muscle history


Yenko Nova Deuce is what you when you get when you apply the Yenko magic on an economy-minded Chevrolet Nova. Of course, the change is dramatic and it’s all for the better. The 1970 Yenko Nova Deuce was somewhat of a turning point in the whole muscle car world. I believe that there are those who disagree but, I reckon that Yenko did many amazing things while he was in the business.

As you know, the motoring world recognizes the appeal of speed and it always will be. By the time the first GTO hit the streets, we were already used to putting bigger engines in smaller cars. Then, we would modify them even further in the name of increased speed. Thus, automakers were “forced” to give the people what they want. But, the Yenko Nova offered something a bit different.


Needless to say that performance enthusiast always want more from their machines. The automakers could make their products as powerful as they think fits but, it wasn’t that simple for enthusiast. Despite the great close-ration transmission and the bigger engine they always see room for improvements.

Well, that’s where the Yenko Nova and the after-makers come in. The Yenko Nova Deuce serves as an illustration of the insatiable nature of the muscle-era fan. That is the performance fans of course.

The Don Yenko Nova Deuce dealer prepared special models that were more likely to be adored by the buyers. Not only the Yenko Nova but many others. They were outfitted with performance parts – they were the dream rides. Thus, the cars such as the Yenko Nova Deuce didn’t only perform like they should; they have also match the owner’s personality. The story behind the Yenko Nova is a long one. Well, that’s why it’s the Muscle Car of The Week I guess. Check out the Yenko Nova Deuce and the history behind it!