Wicked Golf Cart Rips Off Killer ET’s, Then Backflips!

With the current Green Movement sweeping the nation, electric vehicles of all shapes and sizes are becoming more common in our daily lives, with a healthy segment of battery-powered drag cars gaining more respect and fan-following with each “whirr” down the asphalt. Electric golf carts have been around for years, but have never really wowed with outstanding power, serving more of a pedestrian role on golf courses as the least-disturbing mode of transport around the rolling fairways and putting greens. But Terry Hatfield has taken an electric E-Z-GO golf cart and given it the full-on electric dragster treatment, however, and the results are nothing short of insane!
Terry’s cart, dubbed “Shock Therapy” and coated in brilliant purple paint, carries enough battery power to light a small town and enough torque to flip itself over at the hit of the throttle…literally! Utilizing LiPo (Lithium-Polymer) battery technology, Shock Therapy ripped off some mid-seven-second eighth-mile times as Hatfield sought to reach the triple-digit speed mark. Once night fell and the track grew it’s teeth a bit, the cart planted the rear tires at the hit of the Go Pedal and almost instantly backflipped on it’s sturdy roll cage, then gently slid to a stop before unceremoniously toppling over onto its side. Terry was uninjured in the mishap and the cart appeared to suffer only minor cosmetic damage.
Check out the video from Sean Melton of Urban Hillbilly Action Videos below for all the action. Terry offers his explanation for the unplanned gymnastics toward the end of the three and a half minute clip, before Urban Hillbilly treats us to a slow-motion replay that gives the jarring flip a surprisingly-graceful feel. Hatfield says he has plans to add wheelie bars to the cart to help prevent any repeat performances of the backflip and allow him to turn up the juice to find the 100 MPH speed mark.