Waterskiing Behind a Boat Going 135MPH… These Guys Are Nuts!

We love speed. It’s even in our name and permeates everything we do, but this may be where we have to draw the line, at least as far as something we’re willing to try. These guys are absolutely pushing the limits and while we might not try it ourselves, we damn sure enjoy watching them do it!  What happens when you mix a love of speed on the water with the sport of waterskiing? You get the most extreme form of skiing we’ve ever seen! The guys you see in this video are absolutely ripping it across the water in some pretty gnarly boats, and that alone would be cool enough, but behind these boats, way back there behind the huge spray of water, are skiers! I’ve tried skiing, and I had a hard time standing up and staying vertical for a few hundred feet at what amounts to idle speed, so to see these guys back there at these speeds, which reach as high as 137 MPH and stay well above 100 MPH for most of the video is just absolutely mind blowing. I’m not sure if this is some kind of sanctioned race, but based on the helmets and the course being mapped out on the GPS overlay, it seems like this is something these guys do regularly. And they obviously have plenty of practice because you don’t just decide to go out and rip the lake or river at 130 MPH one day. We are definitely going to be on the lookout for these extreme skiers, and anything else that goes triple digit speeds on the water. There’s nothing like spending a hot summer day on the lake or the river, so why not mix that with the speed we love so dearly! Keep an eye out for some more awesome footage like this and post it up on our Facebook wall so the rest of our people can see these guys doing what they do!