This Trucker Pretty Much Just Fired Himself


Obviously, if you find yourself behind the wheel of a big rig, there are a lot of factors out there on the roadways that you need to pay attention to that you would otherwise not have to think about quite as much if you were driving a smaller vehicle. While these things might make huge amounts of power and torque, the massive size definitely dictates that they simply can’t travel everywhere and if you try to travel to places where the machinery just won’t allow you to, well, just like the guy pictured in this video, you’re probably going to have a bad time in the matter.

Now, in this situation, it looks like the truck driver in question just tried to pull quick U-turn in the middle of a highway. Most of us have tried to pull that little U-turn at one point or another even though we might have known it probably wasn’t exactly the most legal thing in the world. However, the thing is that when you do it with a car and zoom away going the opposite direction, nobody would notice anything different. However, when you try and do it with an 18 wheeler and get yourself stuck, there’s a good chance that people are going to take notice and not in a way that you’re going to end up enjoying.

The aforementioned situation is exactly what this trucker got to experience when he tried to make a quick turn in the middle of a highway and simply didn’t have enough room and ended up getting stuck! You can bet your bottom dollar that this guy wishes that he would’ve kept on going until he came across the next rest stop or exit to turn off on and make a U-turn. I guess that a tight schedule must have gotten the best of him here because he was certainly in a hurry to head the other way!