These Tracks Transform Your SUV Into An Unstoppable Machine

Track N Go


Track-N-Go’s solution for getting in and out of snow might make you crave winter all over again.

You’ve probably watched a lot of videos with SUV-sized “snowmobiles” getting down and dirty (metaphorically speaking) on various snowy roads and sky-slopes, wanting a set of similar custom tracks for your own personal vehicle more than your next breath of air. Well, there’s an easygoing solution that doesn’t require replacing the actual wheel of the car.
The system allows you to convert any standard truck or SUV into an unstoppable snow-track machine –inevitably dialing up the “cool” factor up to 11. The company says the tech is the first ever wheel driven track system, allowing for a quick installation time of less than 15 minutes – unlocking 1,680 square inches (1 square meter) of contact patch and raising the vehicle an extra 8-inches (20 centimeters) in the process.

Manufactured from high-strength alloy steel and aircraft-grade aluminum, the rig greatly improves off-road capabilities, albeit it has its shortcomings – especially if you take into account its 1500 pounds (680 Kilograms) weight.

Moreover, it’s not recommended to use it on hard surfaces for more than 10 miles (16 Km), and once mounted, it reduces the top speed to 40 mph (64 Km/h) – which is an adequate speed in harsh conditions. Did we mention it costs $25,000?