Street Outlaws Sinister Split Bumper Monza Almost Puts it in the Wall… Until Experience Kicks In!

Street Outlaws star Monza has been racing most of his life, and when his gorgeous Sinister Split Bumper Camaro got out of shape during the Discovery Channel’s $100,000 Shootout, he had to call upon all his years of experience to keep the car off the wall and on all four tires. Luckily, he knew exactly what to do to keep from destroying his hot rod!
Lined up alongside Lucifer, a nitrous huffing hatchback fox body Mustang, Monza’s car launched hard but was about a car length behind when it lost traction and began to skate around on the unprepped Thunder Valley surface. The Camaro made a move toward the centerline, then hard back toward the wall before pitching sideways as Monza reigned the car back under his control.
Of course, the slipping and sliding meant Lucifer would pull away for the win, but the crowd still gave Monza and his awesome driving job a loud cheer, letting him know they saw him save the car from near-certain disaster.
Saving a car from crashing in a situation like that requires pure instinct and knowing how to finesse it back under control. If you have to stop and think “What do I do?” then it’s almost always too late. It’s usually a driver’s gut instinct to jump all over the brakes when things get out of hand, but that can serve to only further upset the car’s already delicate balance. Instead, you learn to just roll out of the throttle while focusing on correcting the car’s direction without overcorrecting, another skill that takes years of experience to master. Once the car is swapping sides like this, there’s very little room for error, and Monza did a perfect job of letting his instincts take over and easing the car back under control.
While this certainly wasn’t how Monza wanted his shot at the massive payday to go, it’s far better than hauling his car home in a wad of sheet metal.