Street Outlaws: Ryan in the Fireball Camaro Vs. Murder Nova

No matter who it is going head to head, Street Outlaws list races are always a blast to watch. It’s great when not only bragging rights are on the line but also a spot in the standings and potentially money is up for grabs as well. When there are high stakes behind a race, naturally it becomes all that much more interesting. It’s always a thrill to see who is the best of the best and watching these competitors climb the ladder is a part of all that fun.  This time, the racers in question are Shawn as he pilots the Chevrolet Nova that we have all come to know and love as Murder Nova when it goes up against Ryan and the Fireball Chevrolet Camaro. They’ve managed to make their way into third and fourth places respectively on the list so you know that both of these cars are packing a big time punch. Let’s see what happens when you put them in the ring together to go to battle with one another. With a race like this or any drag race for that matter, every portion of the race is important. If you can’t execute on all aspects of the race, there is a good chance that you won’t be going home with victory. Most importantly, drivers will tell you, is the first 60 feet of a drag race where you can tell who’s going to get that advantage from the start. Generally, with two evenly matched cars, this could be a place where races are won or lost with the person who loses this short race to have to play catch up if they want to have a shot!

Check out the video below as Murder Nova gets out of the hole hard and leaves the Fireball Camaro to try and gather up enough momentum to play that undesirable game of catch up to attempt to come around the flat black machine. Does the screaming red Camaro have enough in the tank to conquer the second half of the race to the point where Ryan can take home victory after a stumble at the start? The only way to find out is the the check out the video down below yourself to see how this race all played out.