Range Rover Flies Off Huge Highway Overpass!

Just ten years ago, you could only dream of seeing a crash test or a crash video with any car while at home sipping tea on the couch can, except of course at telecasts. But do they often broadcast them? Probably, not. Here is one that will really knock your socks off! A 29-year-old driver of a Range Rover SUV lost control while driving on the road rounding, and with high speed flew twenty meters from the bridge, landing on the asphalt. The SUV fell from a 20-meter height understudy Resort prospectus! On the morning of April 5, in 2015 at the overpass of the Kurort Prospect in the Central District of the Russian city of Sochi, an incredible accident took place. Leaving the tunnel with high speed, a white Range Rover broke through the fence and fell from the 20-meter height on the roadway. According to preliminary data, the cause of the accident was the icy road. The driver was unable to maintain control of the car on the slippery icy surface. A minute earlier at the same location of the prospect another car came at the exit of the tunnel.

Because of the impact, the car was turned into a big pile of scrap metal. The driver and passenger were rescued from an imminent death by the safety belts and airbags.

In spite of this serious car accident, the 29-year-old driver of the Range Rover and the 24-year-old passenger survived. These two young people were saved by the airbags. The Range Rover did a perfect job keeping them as safe as possible, allowing them to only sustain minor injuries. We are more than certain that this driver will never ever speed on a snow covered road again.

The whole accident was filmed by security cameras. The driver of the vehicle and the passenger were taken to the hospital, luckily facing only a slight shock and minor injuries. Check out how it all happened on the following video: