The PETROLHEAD’s Way To Split Logs? Use The Rear Axle Of A Pontiac GTO Powered By A LS2 V8!

Some people would use axes to chop wood, others are in favor of modern technology and prefer electrical log splitters to get the job done. But this man on the video has surpassed them all. Not only that with this method the process of splitting logs is being revolutionized, but also it’s a loving sight for every fan of horse power. What we have here is a man who uses his Pontiac GTO to split logs. You might ask yourselves how is that even possible. Well, what he did was replacing one of the rear wheels on the car with a large drill bit mounted on the axle that does all the work. With that small conversion, the torque will do the rest. Only a small conversion of this 400 hp LS2 powered Pontiac GTO and it has already become the perfect machine for log splitting. This is a product called “The Stickler” which can be mounted on any rear-wheel-drive car and pickup truck.

The interesting feature is that idling the car, this cool thing works perfectly, but with a little more throttle and the process easily accelerated. Check it out!