One Hell of a Save! 1957 Chevy Almost Crashes!

When you step into the hobby of racing, any racer will tell you that it has its series of twists and turns. One can only hope that said twists and turns happen figuratively and not literally, at least if you are in drag racing variety of the sport. Going any direction but straight could obviously cause a problem.

This time, we check out a 1957 Chevrolet that looks like it’s stacked and ready to run and make some impressive passes down the quarter mile. This time, however, things might look promising at the beginning but they get scarier and scarier with every inch of dragstrip that this car covers.

When we say that the driver used every last centimeter of width of the lane, we really mean it as the car swerves back-and-forth when the person behind the wheel loses control and then gains control before losing control and and getting it back a couple more times, back and forth, before he is able to bring it back down to earth and to an alleviating stop.

Check out the video below that shows this scary moment unfolding in front of our eyes. We’re not sure if it was a quarter or eighth mile race but it looks like the car managed to use a half mile of track before all was said and done and it was finally able to get across the finish line and stop at the Dirty South No Prep Race.