This Old School Blown Nova Refuses To Keep The Front Tires On The Ground – Wild Lap From Bradenton Back In The Day


In today’s day and age at the strip, we often see turbocharged cars go into big wheelies at different points in the track. Sometimes right at the hit of the throttle and other times at half track, when the turbos spool and the car starts to dig, chances are good that the front tires are not going to be on the pavement for long! Well kids, we’re here to tell you that there was a time that when you showed up to the strip with a turbo on your car you may as well have been driving a spacecraft. This video was shot long before turbos started becoming “the thing”. This was an era where blower cars and huge inch nitrous motors were the two distinct powertrain options and the star of this show is packing one of those big belt driven air compressors proudly.

This video was taken by Sean Melton of Urban Hillbilly Action Videos, one of the guys who you can pretty much thank for the vast amount of media that you see coming from the races on YouTube and other places. He was out there doing this stuff long before most other people and he always concentrated on wild doorslammer stuff at out of the way tracks. This was brilliant because it opened a window into the drag racing culture many people hadn’t looked through and it was also brilliant because he was getting insane footage that he knew people had not seen. Definitely sweet that Sean has opened up his vast archives and begun to post old stuff on his YouTube page. We love it!