Old Redneck vs Turbo Corvette & Cops – This Guy is too Much.

It seems like it the age of “social media” we’ve lost a lot of the social interaction that the platforms were designed to provide to us. When you have the chance to have one of those unique interactions like this one, you’ll probably want to hop on it because it’ll surely provide a story. When this older gentleman presented himself as a Chevrolet Corvette enthusiast and started to brag about his old Corvette, Triple-X Motorsports and crew decided to take him out for a good time. The pick of the bunch this time is a turbo C5 that makes 600 hp and Bud’s reaction to the car is nothing short of hilarious. At the end of the day, the police show up, though, and try to rain on the parade. Check out the video below that shares with us its fair share of feel good along with laughs and a bit of police action sprinkled in for good measure. Now that is a flick!