Nitrous-Fed 2016 Camaro SS Drag Races All Motor C6 Corvette Z06 on the Street


Ever since 2016 Camaro deliveries kicked off in late November last year, the aftermarket industry has been on a Camaro SS frenzy. Within less than two months, the muscle car received all three major power adders (nitrous, supercharging and twin-turbocharging).
Once the first serious setups were complete, the cars hit the drag strip, with everything happening at a pace that would easily leave the S550 Mustang behind.

Thanks to the hefty potential of the Corvette-borrowed LT1 V8 and its noticeable weight savings, the SS incarnation of the sixth-gen Camaro has even managed to slightly outperform the ‘Vette on the dyno, causing quite a stir online.

While we’re not endorsing street racing in any way, we knew we had to be prepared for the day when 2016 Camaro owners would start to battle it out on the street.

Well, that moment has arrived and we are now bringing you one of the first 2016 Camaro SS street races. As it often happens, this race saw the participants heading to Mexico, where such shenanigans will bring you considerably less than the jail time you can expect when pulling such shenanigans on US streets.

The 2016 Camaro SS in question is gifted with a 100 shot of nitrous, a custom exhaust and the mandatory ECU remap. As for its opponent, we’re talking about the owner of a C6 Corvette Z06 who decided to make the most out of the 7-liter LS7 V8 under the hood.

This Z06 comes in all motor trim, which means it packs a monstrous intake (you can’t miss this one), an exhaust setup that skips one or two parts, which have been deemed unnecessary, as well as a lightened flywheel with a twin-disc clutch.

Given the street tires on these machines, as well as the level of muscle, the two decided to duke it out using rolling starts, with the Z06 serving as the camera car.
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