Dodge has come to relish in the role of Detroit’s black sheep, steering it’s marketing decidedly toward performance and appealing to the sector of the market not in the least bit concerned with fuel economy, towing capacity, or how many kids they can haul in cushy comfort. Dodge is coming for us. You and me. They want to appeal to the gearheads who will gladly give up a little luxury for those few extra horsepower or a few pounds off the curb weight. That’s not to say Dodge’s lineup is uncomfortable, as anybody who’s driven a new Challenger or Charger will attest. They’re just geared more toward performance than wrapping the driver in a bubble of coziness, and we love it. When looking for a spokesman, Dodge knew exactly who would be perfect for the job. Tapping into the massive cinematic franchise that is also geared toward the automotive faithful, the suits went after none other than Dominic Toretto himself, the leader of the First Family of Fast and Furious, Vin Diesel. Co-starrring with Vin, Dodge’s trio of badass SRT factory hotrods, the Charger, the Challenger and the new SRT Durango. Each of these offerings are geared toward high performance and leaving their Ford and Chevy counterparts in the dust.

This trio of commercials, each decidedly unique but following a common theme of Brotherhood of Muscle, a theme that Diesel’s gravelly voice is perfect to deliver, share the 2018 lineup with the world and has us chomping at the bit to get our hands on these badass rides. Sit back and crank up the volume and watch these commercials and see if your heart isn’t beating just a little harder by the time they’re over.