Mustang Crashing into Unsuspecting Civic Is Why You Don’t Show Off at Car Meets

mustang crash

The owner of the Mustang GT was willing to turn right in order to reach the location of the meet, but he failed to notice an oncoming Civic, crashing right into the Honda. While the Ford’s driver only fueled Mustang stereotypes (you expect people to judge when they see a Golden ‘Stang and this is why they sometimes do), he wasn’t alone in his wrong-side-of-the-law affair.

In fact, the driver of a Hummer H1 tried to block traffic coming the other way, playing the policeman role and signaling the cars behind him in an attempt to get them to the car show. In a ridiculous move, the Mustang guy followed his signal without checking if the road was clear himself.

The impact was a violent one, with one person being injured, while both cars sustained serious damage – we won’t throw spoilers at you, so we’ll let the footage show which one of the two came out better after the accident.

While the Mustang driver was reportedly charged on the scene, we don’t know if legal action is being taken against the man who blocked the road with his Hummer. What we do know, though, is that this accident could’ve been easily avoided. In fact, there were plenty of other vehicles that came before the Hummer moment, which managed to enter the event normally, without causing any kind of stir.

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