This Mopar Blown 572 Hemi 1970 Dodge Challenger RT Is A Masterpiece Of Work!

We often come across some mean Mopar beasts, but few can top this blown Hemi powered 1970 Dodge Challenger RT! This insane Mopar muscle originally carried a 440 engine, but the owner made modifications to add more power and it now carries a 572 HEMI with 8-71 blowers and is reinforced with nitrous! Amazingly with all for the power boosting modifications, this Mopar is able to put out a ridiculous 800-900Hp and with the nitrous 1000HP! This beast is a true piece of work and will have any Mopar muscle lover full of envy! Click the video below to see this baby in action! ENJOY!

That is sooo crazy. More craziness in the next video below!