Mini Cat Mini Dozer is the Best Way to Snow Plow Your Driveway

There are probably a few toys on your list that you don’t have yet, but here’s another one for you to add that you didn’t even know existed. It’s a homemade CAT mini dozer, and it’s something that not only you but your kid especially would enjoy. After watching a few of these mini dozers, I think that this is definitely one of the more good-looking ones, and this first test run shows that it’s capable of doing some dozing on a smaller scale.

This Dozer is Not Just a Novelty

Who wouldn’t want one of these mini dozers just for the look alone? Imagine if instead of getting your kid a toy bulldozer, you present an actual working dozer to him. Now that’s a pretty cool gift that both of you can enjoy. The novelty aspect is great of course, but if built right, even a mini dozer can be a handy piece of equipment. What about if you had a huge pile of dirt or gravel that you needed to spread out? This thing would save you a lot of effort. Or maybe you have some big rocks that you need to move around for landscaping purposes? Mini dozer to the rescue! And of course, you could also use it to move all that snow off your driveway in the winter.

Other Uses for This Miniature Bulldozer

Although its a big part of what they do, dozers have other uses besides just moving things around, and you could likely modify a dozer like this to accomplish other tasks:

  • By sharpening the bottom edge of the blade, a dozer is now capable of cutting tree stumps and other things.
  • You may be able to craft or find a ripper to attach to a mini dozer, which would allow you to break up surface rocks and create a garden in a rocky place where you normally wouldn’t be able to.
  • A dozer can also be modified by putting a large bucket on it instead of a blade to pick up and move dirt and other things; however, this does require hydraulic arms to move the bucket up and down.

Want to Build Your Own Mini Dozer?

There are actually websites out there that show you how to build your own mini dozer. Some have been able to build dozers from parts they’ve gotten from scrapyards, and there’s also sites that show you how to convert a garden tractor into a mini dozer. In addition to having a running garden tractor, of course, one particular site ( says that you can convert it to a bulldozer for about $800 to $1200. It’s clearly a big project but something that I think would be worth while and a fun little side hobby. Of course, if you don’t want to build your own, there are mini dozers out there you can buy, and you’re looking at anywhere from 4 to 10 grand for a good one.