Killer Save! Chevy Nova Wobbles And Pulls Of An Insane 360 Spin!

Luck was definitely on the side of this Chevy Nova’s driver after an insane close call that’s probably a perfect 10 in terms of pucker factor. It’s one of those would-be catastrophic moments that turned out to be an awesome entertainment. The red Chevy Nova didn’t look all good right from the start. Probably too much horsepower for the current suspension setup that wasn’t tuned enough. The Nova had little traction and eventually wobbled before going out of control. Fortunately, it finds not the wall but the grass. It crossed the other lane taking a complete 360 spin off the track and into the grass. A pure wild ride from the WYCO Racing ‘Operation Octane’ No Prep Event on the Pit Road at Kansas Speedway. It was really that wild I even thought the driver was gonna puke when he rolled down the windows at the end. Well, I just wonder if that Nova’s seats and the driver’s pants are still doing good though 😀

If you’d love some good entertainment, then this killer save is worth the check.