INSANE 1/4 MILE WHEEL STAND!!! …and runs 11.86 in the 1320′!!!


We’ve seen wheel stands, but nothing like this. Aj Fiorelli, driving a 1968 Cuda coined the “AIRBORNE CUDA,” wins the 2014 Byron Dragway’s 20th Annual World Power Wheelstand Championship with the craziest wheel stand we’ve ever seen! Yeah we get that this is a wheelie contest, but no one was expecting to see Aj make his Cuda go down the entire track perfectly straight without steering. A short burnout, a quick and clean launch and Aj is shooting down the track looking at the clouds. This guy is one unique and skilled enthusiast! Luckily 1320video’s Mike Pryka (Mike Pryka Photography) was there and got some awesome photos of the “AIRBORNE CUDA” making this insane Wheelstand Championship winning pass.

Hey Aj even ran an 11.86… Not bad for not being able to see nor steer!