Incredible Stock 1965 Ford Mustang GT350 Tribute!

The Youtube Channel Gateway Classic Cars are constantly showcasing some of the finest classic cars. Some of the cars featured are fully stock and others are fully refinished and re-purposed back to their original condition. In this video we get a look at a gorgeous 1965 Ford Mustang GT 350 Tribute that brings back the memories of the golden era for any automotive enthusiast looking for an unforgettable build. The vibrant Poppy red color makes the vehicle stand out, but that is not all that makes this classic muscle car turn heads. In fact, underneath the hood is it’s viciously powerful 302 V8 that has thrilled gearheads since back in the mid 60’s. This tribute Mustang is a magnificent throwback and a car all of our viewers will drool over! To check out an up close and personal look at the impressive Mustang click the video below!