What Happens When You Shoot Propane Tanks WIth a 50CAL???

The other day we shared a video of YouTube star Edwin Sarkissian obliterating a pair of watermelons with a 20mm rifle fired through the windows of his Lamborghini Huracan. Today we’re back with Edwin and another big gun, this one of the 50 caliber variety. This time, he in the desert intentionally blowing things up, and it looks like a hell of a good time! Edwin lines up a group of small propane tanks, paces off a few yards, and assumes the position. While the Barrett 50 cal can be fired while standing, as you’ll see later in the video, the hefty rifle is more effective when fired from the prone position due to its weight and length. Sarkissian lines up the row of tanks and squeezes the trigger, sending the massive armor-piercing incendiary round downrange at a high rate of speed. Upon impact, the round penetrates two of the tanks, sending them tumbling into a propane fueled fireball. The slow motion replays are super cool, showing the tanks tumbling as the gas inside spews from the new holes in the side just before the fumes ignite and everything disappears behind a wall of glowing orange and yellow flames.

Notably, Edwin forgot to put on his hearing protection and may very well have lost some of his hearing by firing off this monster without covering his ears. As I’m sure Edwin will agree, this was a bad idea. Always use protection! There were two tanks left that didn’t get obliterated in the first first shot, so Sarkissian lines them up and takes another shot, this time from the standing position, and nails them again, creating another huge fireball and some more epic slow motion footage. This time, he remembered to cover his ears too, preserving what is left of his hearing for future videos and explosions!