Fox Body Mustang Crashes Hard Into A Race Track Barrier!

As much as we hate seeing good cars going to waste, it is a fact that crashes are a part of drag racing and that sometimes, these accidents become completely unavoidable. The one you’re about to see was particularly nasty, and it is pure luck that no one was seriously injured in the process.

These no-prep tracks are exciting, but unfortunately, they are also quite slippery, which can lead to a tragic outcome. The event in question was Winer Meltdown no-prep, and for better or worse, this was definitely the highlight of the evening. After a wheelie, it appears that the driver lost control only for a split second, which was enough to scrape the back bumper, and send the whole vehicle flying through the wall!

To explain how wild this crash was, the car took off for an extra 60 feet before it finally stopped! However, the roll cage did its purpose, and it kept the driver safe, so he was even able to walk away from this terrible accident! The same cannot be said for his precious ride, though. What a shame!