F-Body Gets T-Boned And It’s All Caught On Dash Cam!

When heading out on to the open road, it’s recommended that you keep your head on a swivel, keeping an eye on every direction around your car as much as humanly possible to make sure that any and all comers have their eyes on the prize and are doing the same thing so that you don’t get into an accident. This time, however, it appears as if this driver wasn’t paying too much attention as the person behind the wheel headed through a caution light and didn’t even slow down and take a look who was coming around the corner. The result was a rather ugly collision. We watch as what appears to be a Buick SUV speeds through the light and comes into contact with an early fourth-generation Pontiac Firebird, dislodging one of the wheels and causing lots of damage before coming to a rest. A nearby big rig had the dash cam rolling to capture the moment on film as these two cars became one. It’s moments like these that really make you take a step back and wonder if you should be trusting all of the motorists out there who have somehow legally managed to get their hands on 4000 lb rolling masses that could kill someone if handled irresponsibly!