Is The Evil Twin Turbo ‘36 Ford Truck The Fastest Snow Truck On The Planet? YES!

So, what do you get when you slap twin 88mm Garrett turbos onto an 620ci bb Ford C heads and IDT Eliminator block engine that has been squeezed into 1936 Ford pickup truck that rolls along on a set of big ol’ offroading tires? Well, if your name is Duane Murphy, you end up with the Evil Twin, which just so happens to be the fastest snow truck in the world (at least, I think it is). The Evil Twin’s engine and twin turbos combine to pump out 2000 horsepower, which means that when the Evil Twin ‘36 Ford truck goes, it really really goes! Go ahead and click play on the video above and watch this truck and its 2400 ft lbs of torque absolutely own the snow hill in this snow racing event.