Everything has an end! We all know that and always when it ends it ends on the worst possible way. We’ve seen the mighty Nissan R35 GT-R how was killing the other cars showing no mercy at all, how he was hungry for victory each time he was racing and at the end of each race was sucking the blood of its opponents. The time has come Nissan, your murderer is here, to take everything from you.

Yeah, his glory and pride, everything he was fighting for! The beast has arrived, Chevrolet Colorado build by The Diesel Shop, moved by mighty Duramax 6.6-liter V8 with Garrett Turbos – water to air, producing 660Hp and 1,125lb-ft of torque. Is it enough to make the Nissan suffer if he accepts the challenge? Maybe, but there is another fact that you need to know, the mighty Nissan GT-R here is running on E85 fuel and scored 10.2 seconds for quarter mile!

The facts are here, the numbers are shown, so let’s give them a try! We personally support the Chevrolet Colorado! We want this beast to show the Nissan who’s the boss! Watch the video bellow and find out what will happen!