The Duramax Camaro and Cummins Charger take to the streets

Sometimes, when you set out to do something you just want to be different and while these two builds are most certainly different, that doesn’t take away their usefulness or cool factor! Normally, when you see a Dodge Charger or Chevrolet Camaro, the vehicles will be sporting one of the engines that they come with from the factory. Some of those stock powerplants can crank out some pretty decent power. However, when this builder wanted to throw his own twist into the mix, he took the two aforementioned cars and combined them with a motor combination that most have never seen before. They may even be the first of their kind! Instead of just building the motors that were in them or even throwing a conventional engine swap in the mix, he completely retooled everything, throwing a Cummins diesel and Duramax diesel in the cars, respectively. If you don’t know the nuts and bolts of the situation, it might just seem like you could pop these engines in and have a ready to run car but it gets a lot more complicated than that, to say the least. These cars really have some serious wrench time in them. as just about everything from the transmission setup to the suspension has been modified.

Check out the video below that shows the Duramax powered Camaro and Cummins powered Charger, up close and personal, so that you can appreciate every second of the labor of love that has gone into bringing these mighty machines to life.