Dodge Charger Hellcat Roasts Nissan GT-R and Audi R8 at the Drag Strip

You don’t even have to grab a Dodge Charger Hellcat for people to throw their “boat” comments at you – a Challenger is enough. So how do Mopar machine drivers fight such pointed fingers? Such a question obviously has multiple answers and we’re here to show you one of the most entertaining of them. It all has to do with the drag strip and how Hellcats like to troll supercars on the prepped surface. Sure, many supercars will leave the Hellcat pair trailing in their wake, but there are also plenty of go-fast machines that can be one-upped by the supercharged pair.

For now, we’ve brought along two examples of such situations, which can be seen in the pieces of footage at the bottom of the page. The clips show a Charger Hellcat duking it out with an R35 Nissan GT-R (the first video below) and an Audi R8 (the second clip).

A trained eye will tell you the results of the races were predictable, since both the Godzilla and the R8 aren’t the most potent in the model year collections (heck, this Audi is the ex-generation model). But such details won’t take away any of the greatness of seeing the four-door one-upping the two supercars at the strip. Heck, not even blaming the Godzilla driver for the late start doesn’t change the outcome of the race.

However, while the uploader of the videos doesn’t mention anything on the Charger being modded, we suspect the SRT beast has been gifted with drag radials and it all has to do with its blistering take-offs. As for the pulley upgrade and ECU remap certain owners choose, making such a guess would be too far of a stretch.

P.S.: As you can imagine, the aural side of the clips is just as impressive as the visual one, so we’re inviting you to turn up the volume before reaching for those “play” buttons.