Daddy Dave Goliath taking down NY racer in New York

Street Outlaws star Daddy Dave loaded up his ProCharged Nova we all know as Goliath and headed all the way up the east coast to New York, where he lined up alongside another Chevy II of a little different variety. While Dave’s 1963 version of Chevrolet’s Nova is a backhalf style chassis with steel roof and quarters, the ’67 version he’s lined up against is a full-on tube chassis hotrod with a lightweight fiberglass body.

However, that doesn’t mean an automatic win for the swoopy red Nova with the supercharged big block under the hood of Dave’s ride. In fact, this is probably one of the more evenly-matched races we’ve seen for Dave. Both cars lay down their awesome, long smoky burnouts, backing slowly into the fresh rubber they’ve just laid down. While the nitrous Nova purges down the bottle pressure, Dave gives Goliath a few rips to clean out the engine before moving forward into the staging beams.

Once both cars are staged up, the green light drops and the red Chevy II leaves hard on Dave, putting the wily veteran in an unfamiliar position of having to play catch up. However, with around 2,200 horsepower under the hood of Goliath, Dave is able to reel him in and drive around on the top end to take the win to the delight of the crowd of New Yorkers on hand.

Races like this are what most of the Street Outlaws cast do between filming, heading all over the country to take on racers from the 405 as well as local racers from all over. They put a lot of miles on their rigs and spend days on the roads to meet their fans, and they also draw huge crowds, which help the tracks by pumping some money into their coffers. While they also draw a ton of haters, these guys have brought many new fans to the sport, so it’s always a great sight to see the 405 crew rolling through the gate at these local venues.