Classic Corvette L88 takes on Oldsmobile’s finest muscle car



It’s a beautiful thing when classic muscle cars get taken out of their heated, two-car, four-post-lifted garage full of tin signs and old-timey gas pumps, and head straight to the dragstrip.

In this case, it’s an Oldsmobile 442 W30, and its mighty 455 V8 that in 1972 was rated—conservatively, of course—at a mere 300 horsepower. Its opponent? An ultra-rare 1969 Corvette L88.

We last saw this Corvette race an equally rare 1970 Camaro ZL1—and in fact, there’s glimpses of that race in this video, too. That time, the Vette won.

And here? Well, the Vette did an 11.88-second quarter-mile at 123 miles per hour. The Oldsmobile did slightly slower than that—but not by much.