Chuck in the Deathtrap vs Daddy Dave in Goliath 2.0 at Jackson Dragway!

Earlier this season on Street Outlaws, Chuck and Daddy Dave faced off in the “List Shakeup” episode and Dave took the win over Chuck. The two never got to race again and Chuck has been waiting on his opportunity to get a little payback, and finally got that opportunity when they lined up at Jackson Dragway in Jackson Tennessee. This footage, brought to us by 6Sixty2 Racing Videos, shows the whole event, including a great interview with Chuck himself at the end where he discusses the race itself and season 9. On the track, Chuck and the Death Trap look strong alongside Dave and his ProCharged Chevy II known as Goliath. The Death Trap leaves hard and makes solid, laser-straight passes. He would have taken all three races against Goliath, a car we’ve seen lay down some great runs, if not for a redlight on their last run. Look for these two to tangle up again soon, especially if Dave is able to crank up the boost on Goliath and give Chuck a run for his money. Something tells us he won’t be satisfied until he’s the the avenging this loss.