Chevy Vs Dodge Road Rage Incident


Have you ever been so mad while you were on the road that you just wanted to lay into the throttle and ram into the back of the car or truck in front of you?

Honestly, I have been there and I wouldn’t be surprised if most other people on the road today have been there as well but the thing is that we have self-control and we don’t partake in such animalistic acts.

For the owner of this Chevy pickup truck, however, it doesn’t seem like he has that part of the brain that filters thoughts before they become actions.

We watch in on this video that shows off some of the most insane road rage that we think we might have ever seen as the Chevy pickup sits on the back bumper of what looks to be a Dodge and does a burnout with the attempt of pushing it into the intersection.

The driver of this truck is going to be really sorry when it comes time to own up to the charges at hand. We’re kind of wondering what could have been so bad as to provoke this guy in the first place.


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