Charger Hellcat vs. Shelby GT350 vs. Dodge Viper ACR: 1,878 HP Rev Battle

Rev battles have always been popular (ask the senior car guy in your family), but thanks to the powers of the world wide web, we can now enjoy such aural face-offs more easily. The most recent episode of this kind has the potential to spark quite a debate, as it packs three of the strongest octane flavors America has to offer at the moment. The battle we’re showing you today, which comes via TFL Car, brings together a pair of Dodges and a Ford. We’re talking about a Charger (yep, it’s a Hellcat), a Viper (the all-mighty ACR track weapon) and the Mustang Shelby GT350.

Moving on to the octane monsters we have here, we’ll mention the Viper’s naturally aspirated V10, which is gifted with side-mounted exhaust pipes, has an advantage.

As for the Shelby, Ford designed special headers to generate exhaust pulse overlapping for the Voodoo engine of the Shelby, so that the typical Ferrari-like soundtrack of a flat-plane crank doesn’t take the car too far from the typical American V8 burble.

When it comes to the Hellcat, SRT simply seems to have been less than focused on gifting the blown 6.2-liter V8 with rev battle abilities to match its output and we’re not just referring to the neutral rev limiter here.

But we know many people will choose their favorite based on a whole range of other assets. Heck, some might even go for their favorite carmaker, ignoring the models presented here altogether. Which brings us to the final part of our story, one that has to do with bringing fans across the world together.

Now, before we move on to inviting you over to the conclusion-drawing table, there’s one thing on which we can all agree with ease – the US auto industry has determined us to say this is a great time to be alive!