BMW M4 Driver Almost Crashes In A Drag Race


While drag racing may seem simple, it can be a lot more difficult than it looks, requiring a combination of fast reactions and finesse to perfect. The driver of the following BMW M4 possesses neither of those skills.

Recently filmed at a drag racing event over in Europe, the white M4 lined up against a widebody and extensively modified BMW M6 Gran Coupe.

As the flag fell, the M6 left the M4 for dead as the tires of the M4 can be heard, then seen, spinning their way down the runway.

While it’s impossible to say if the M4 owner driver deliberately did a burnout or not, they certainly wouldn’t have planned on swerving violently across the runway after applying a little bit too much throttle but that’s exactly what happened.

If there’s one lesson to be learned from this video, it’s the importance of discovering a car’s limits in a controlled environment, not on public roads.

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