Blown Alcohol Chevelle Shows Up And Everybody Loses Their Minds!

There are times when a hot girl walks into a building and it seems that men and women alike, stop what they’re doing and stare at the beauty, but to a car enthusiast literally the same thing happens when we see real baddass of a car like this insanely cool Chevelle. This surging monster appears in the parking lot at the ice cream cruise, and everybody stops what they are doing, conversations are put on hold, because this wicked blown alcohol Chevy Chevelle grabs your attention with a powerful force that refuses to let it go. Not even the police officers are immune to the charms of this monstrosity even they show up to admire it, showing that even they can appreciate a proper muscle car.
Play the video and enjoy this crowd-pleaser and see what the fuss is all about, why there is a huge crowd around it.