Big Chiefs New Crow Makes a Killer Pass on the STREET! Lets Out The Laundry!

First things first, because a certain Nova’s driver made sure to correct me when I referred to his new car as “2.0”, we didn’t title this video and we know not to call The Crow anything other than simply “The Crow”, and that’s what it shall always be called. This video shows what a pass from The Crow without all of the cutting and editing from the television crew, and it’s pretty damn impressive. Relying on the same 482 cubic inch Butler Performance-built Pontiac engine he’s had in the car since The Crow made it’s Street Outlaws debut, Big Chief rolled to the line and began the race procedure. The car sounds purely wicked as the boost builds and the horsepower begins to thunder against the transbrake, waiting on Chief to release that button and send the power to the massive rear tires. Once the trans brake has been released, the engine roars to live as the turbos spool and cram the intake full of compressed air. You can barely hear the gear change as the powerplant builds an impressive head of steam, sending the multi-colored GTO hurtling toward the light that marks the finish line. As the car crosses the stripe, the engine falls silent and the twin parachutes are released to help slow the Pontiac from the awesome speeds reached during the few seconds of acceleration. Chief will unbuckle all his safety gear, hop out of the car and throw the chutes in the door, then drive the car back to the trailer, where the turnout begins for another round of racing. Charge the battery, full up the fuel cell, check out the air bottle for the shifter and wastegates, set the tire pressure, pack the chutes and tweak the tune and he will be ready to do it all over again!