Big Chief and the Crow… From the Day the Car Was Finished to the Day it Was Destroyed

When you take a look across the landscape of street racing, there are very few names that should ring a bell like “Big Chief” for most people who are interested in the scene. As you can imagine, even though Chief is at the top of the mountain in his world, his tools to get there haven’t always been the same. Sure, he did ride it out with the Crow for quite some time until he pretty much drove the wheels off of the car as evident by the horrific crash after its storied lifetime, but what was powering the car certainly had looked drastically different at the end than it did in the beginning.
Literally just about everything from the power adder that started off with nitrous and ended up levitating toward boost, the suspension setup, and even the paint, literally every last aspect of the car had been upgraded or altered in one way or another, meaning that this thing didn’t look a lick lake its former self and the documentation here just starts when the show was only airways. One can only imagine how much different it was before the TV and YouTube cameras began to come around. As with everyone who has any sort of vehicle that they race, they can definitely relate to how these things tend to change on a regular basis with your changes in opinion.
Follow along with the video down below that will take you through the evolution of the original Crow and be sure to tell us what you think of how this thing ended up coming around pretty hard and becoming quite the racing machine. Are there any steps that you think that you would have done differently if you were behind the wheel of the Crow, turning the wrenches on this thing yourself?