The BEST WAY TO IMPRESS YOUR BABE? Driving This Handsome 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T!


Yeah, you have reservation in some luxury hotel resort? To be honest it’s not a big deal you won’t be even noticed there because all the people who go there are ultra-rich and for them that is the usual thing. They just want to escape from the fast lives and take a rest, so do you.

But what about instead of a limo to take you there, you are arriving with 1970 Dodge Challenger old-school big muscle car. And yeah the car is in such a good condition and painted in cherry color. Can you imagine the picture?

You are arriving in front of the hotel door of, for example, Waldorf Astoria New York and the battler is confused and everybody stares at you while the engine is loping, mighty roars! And that is real appearing and there is no way that you will pass not noticed!

To be even more exciting imagine that under the hood is suited 426 V8 HEMI engine with massive 425 hp and yea you can perform a quick burnout at the hotel parking lot, to draw some lines in case the places for cars are not marked.

Watch this beauty and enjoy it. By the way, the video is from Argentina, yeah, the Challenger is conquering even Latin America.