800-horsepower Corvette Z06 Plays In Traffic


This is one nasty Corvette Z06 with a huge, lumpy cam and a loud-ass exhaust. And it’s doing what murdered-out Corvettes that sound this crazy do: disrupting the natural order of the God-fearing world, with a healthy dose of tiresmoke.

With a Greek chorus of onlookers hooting, hollering, and huehuehue-laughing, this Z06 waits for a clear spot of traffic—then unleashes a few spins in the middle of the road. (For the benefit of legality, we see the driver climbing into the car, but never his face.) But the road isn’t clear yet. At least, not yet devoid of 18-wheelers.

The Z06 emerges unscathed. But is it a near-death experience, as the caption attests?

One commenter summed it up: “I’ve had closer calls brushing my teeth.”