This ’68 Camaro Is A Gorgeous Pro Touring Build With Alluring Red Paint

A different yet not overly radical classic build is one thing that’s hard to pull off and this muscle car is one such gorgeous and unique creation who’s achieved both. It’s a 1968 Chevrolet Camaro and it’s a beautiful Pro Touring ride with a tantalizing exterior and stunning interior.

One thing that’ll sure turn the heads of anyone around is the killer paintwork this Camaro wears. It’s a red that highlights its sexiness and brings out a real eye-catching elegance from bumper to bumper. Up front is a cool hideaway headlights, nice grille and a polished chin spoiler. In the rear are some tasteful features too including the painted bumpers and custom CNC aluminum taillights.

Going inside will reveal a cool custom interior in tan with some tint of orange. It’s got several things that are a match to some features in the exterior including the steering wheel and shifter that’s a match to the rims. In the dashboard is an interesting setup with the straight centerpiece that houses the gauges. If you are wondering if a red and brown can look good together, then here’s the perfect answer.

Under the hood is a wicked setup featuring a lot of chrome going on. It looks to be a small block with several other nice goodies you sure need to check out for yourself.