2,300 HP General Lee Dodge Viper Is a Twin-Turbo God, Goes 1/2-Mile Drag Racing

This contraption started out in life as a 2014 Dodge Viper TA and, when we last talked about it, the thing was involved in quarter-mile stunts.
Calvo Motorsports, the crew behind the snake, had installed a twin-turbo kit, but was struggling to convince the 8.4-liter V10 heart of the car to go past the 1,000 hp border (keep in mind that we’re talking hp at the rear wheels here).
As such, the Dodge Viper was a 9s car, with its best pass having seen the thing pulling a 9.62s stunt at 150 mph.
Well, it seems those issues have been left far behind, with the animal now producing up to 2,300 ponies at the crank. As you can imagine, putting all this power down would be impossible with the 18-inch wheels the vehicle used to pack, so the said developer installed 15-inch wheels.
With the new setup in place, the General Lee Viper recently engaged in half-mile adventures. And we have to admit this thing delivers sweet numbers, with its current setup having allowed it to climb to 193 mph. For the record (no pun intended) any half-mile pass that gets near the 200 mph mark deserves a round of applause.
You’ll get to see the V10 Dodge at work in the piece of footage below. Racing shenanigans aside, the clip also takes us behind the scenes, introducing the team’s take on the matter.
Given how things roll in the half-mile realm, we’re sure the crew won’t stop here, so we might just hear from this boosted supercar again.