14yr OLD Showing Off For Street Outlaws Chuck and Daddy Dave!!!

When it comes down to it, there aren’t too many kids that are into drag racing at 14 years old. If they do so happen to be lucky enough to get out there on the track at such an age, there’s a good chance that it’s in a very modest car that isn’t going too fast. However, for this 14-year-old, he’s moving just a little bit quicker than most kids his age and he has quite the audience to watch as his Chevrolet S10 rips its way down the dragstrip in front of some drag racing royalty. When Daddy Dave and Chuck from Street Outlaws just so happened to be in attendance at the local drag strip, this youngster took the opportunity to show off in front of them, knocking home some impressive passes that look to be quite consistent.

If he is already wheeling at this level at such a young age, just imagine where he will be by the time he gets his drivers license and beyond! The sky is really limit for someone who has their foot in the door this much all before they’re even allowed to drive on the road legally – just imagine how his driving test is going to go when he does try to get his license! This kid could be the next John Force!

Check out the video below as this S10 rolls down the strip and holds its own again some worthy competition. All in all, this isn’t a bad place to be for a teenager or anyone for that matter! The truck that he’s behind the wheel of looks pretty sweet no matter who you are and is something that most people would probably be proud to add to their collection. What we have here is an awesome situation that you just need to strap in and watch for yourself!