The world of sleepers is as diverse as possible, so just when you think you’ve seen them all, you might stumble upon a machine that will make your jaw drop. The second-gen Camaro in the video below is an example as good as any.
At first sight, you could easily label this under “just another one of those beater Camaro”. But you’d be wrong. Sure, the body of the Chevrolet is no stranger to rust and this is just one of the signs that camouflage the muscle car’s actual potential.
Under the hood, this slab of America hides an LS7 V8 that has received a monstrous power hike. The engine now works with a pair of turbines to deliver a manic experience.
Adjectives will be adjectives, but it’s time to talk numbers – this Camaro punishes its rear tires with no less than 1,400 HP. The footage below allows us to see what happens when such a weapon, which looks like an ankle revolver but fires like a rocket launcher, is put to work.
We’re not talking about the quarter mile time here. Sure, that is impressive too and you can see it in the clip. But, as we said, the jaws land on the prepped surface of the drag strip when this junkmobile races a Porsche 918 Spyder and leaves the hypercar behind.
At the end of the day, a Porsche hypercar will be a Porsche hypercar and this Camaro will remain a project car that might fall apart easily. But none of this matters when the two are side by side, screaming at each other as they rush towards that race-winning point.
And the beater packaging displayed by this Camaro is what sets it apart from other built cars that can smoke hypercars. This is the kind of just-get-in-and-hoon car. You never have to worry about scratching it and even fender benders will be amusing.