1,000 HP Dodge Charger Hellcat Kills It in the Quarter-Mile, Sounds Like a Bomb


When Dodge released the Charger Hellcat, even many of those who had gotten used to the kind of absurd hp numbers in the muscle car realm were swept off their feet by the 707 ponies of the sedan.

However, don’t expect this to mean the aftermarket side of the industry, along with its customers, considered the blown Mopar four-door has enough power. And this is how we ended up with examples such as the one you can see in the piece of footage at the bottom of the page, with this Hellcat delivering no less than 1,000 hp.

That’s right, this Charger is a whole V6 away from the output number it delivered when it left the factory. And you wouldn’t notice it just by looking at the thing. Heck, aside from the 1,000 HP stickers on the side skirts and the pro rubber, there aren’t any clues that give away the hefty amount of tech work that’s been invested in this car.

So, if we took those stickers away, we could probably call this Dodge a… sleeper. Just imagine the surprise supercar drivers competing against such a machine would have.

So what do you do when you own such an SRT beast? You take it to the drag strip, of course. As you’ll be able to see in this clip, the extra muscle now allows this Charger Hellcat to deliver high 9s quarter-mile passes – you’ll get to see the thing going quicker and quicker.

We’ll remind you that, when the stock car is confronted with the 1,320-feet challenge, it can complete the sprint in 11.8 seconds (when gifted with drag radials).

As you can imagine, the soundtrack of this video is as glorious as they get. And this is the reason why we’re inviting you to turn up the volume before reaching for the “play” button below.